Granular Excel Sharing

Go beyond Shared Workbooks and co-authoring with granular sharing for Excel. Define the parts of your Excel spreadsheet you want to share, save time for everyone, and keep the rest of your data safe.
Select and share ranges of Excel workbooks

How granular sharing helps you to solve common Excel problems

Airrange solves your critical Excel problems and helps you collaborate faster and more productively. It saves time, boosts productivity and helps to keep data accurate.

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Avoid different versions of the original Excel file
Often versions are created when some of the data are confidential or not relevant for the other person.
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Make your Excel files easy to understand
People cannot work with your Excel data because it is too complicated and if they do, often errors occur.
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Save time presenting your Excel data
Data cannot be presented in Excel and so they are copied or recreated in other tools again and again. That takes time.
Select ranges of your Excel workbook and share them as apps

Make sure everone gets the data they need

No need to make an entire workbook available to all. With Airrange, you can share only selected charts, ranges, worksheets or the best view needed for the job. With a short note everything becomes self-explaining.
Change Tracking included

Reach out with Excel in a great way

Share only what's needed and the way it is needed. Select a chart, a range or a workbook or customize the best view and and go ahead.

You can share by Link, directly in Microsoft Teams or embed it wherever you want.
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Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel

Share Excel data in your collaboration tools

Keep using Excel. Share by link or add your data to Microsoft Teams as ranges or apps.

Don't just share data. Create tools.

Work with your original Excel file, and share your Excel data as database or calculation apps. With the best view and functionality for the task at hand.
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