Beyond shared workbook

Excel Sharing

Excel sharing made simple. Share a cell, a range, or an element, not the entire Excel workbook. Stop explaining and save time for everyone, while keeping your data safe in Sharepoint or Onedrive.
Excel sharing with Airrange

The best way to share an Excel spreadsheet.

Share your Excel knowledge with a single link. Granular Excel sharing brings you beyond Shared Workbooks and co-authoring.
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Share only what matters

Stop sharing whole bunches of workbooks. It's not only hard to navigate but it's also time consuming.

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Share data, protect Excel

Ensure control over who is working with your data and avoid sharing by email or download.

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Self-service Excel

Easily explain your spreadsheet. Make sure everyone knows how to use it intuitive.

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Avoid errors & outdated files

Ensure that your formulas are not overwritten or wrong versions used.

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Add compliance

Comply with data protection regulations and keep your data safe in your certified Microsoft environment.

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Use on mobile

Airrange ensures great usability on Smartphones and helps everyone to work better with your data.

Select ranges of your Excel workbook and share them as apps

Make sure everone gets the data they need

No need to make an entire workbook available to all. With Airrange, you can share only selected charts, ranges, worksheets or the best view needed for the job. With a short note everything becomes self-explaining.
Change Tracking included

Reach out with Excel in a great way

Share only what's needed and the way it is needed. Select a chart, a range or a workbook or customize the best view and and go ahead.

You can share by Link, directly in Microsoft Teams or embed it wherever you want.
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Track changes in Excel
Integrate Excel in collaboration tools

Share Excel data in your collaboration tools

Keep using Excel. Make sharing simple. Share by link or add your data to Microsoft Teams as ranges or apps.

Don't just share data. Create tools.

Work with your original Excel file, and share your Excel data as database or calculation apps. With the best view and functionality for the task at hand.
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Excel Sharing Features

Share only what matters with a click.

Use Excel the way it was meant to be used. Share with Airrange, supercharge your spreadsheets, and unleash your data.
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Fine-tune sharing modes

Design individual shares with read-only and edit modes down to cell, range or sheet level.

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Integrate in tenant

Select users from your tenant and share in established Microsoft tools like MS Teams.

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Data entry workflows

Add Excel sharing elements to workflows and collect data safely into original Excel workbook.

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Track activities

Track changes and activities and filter per user, per date, per workbook, or element.

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