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How to create a calculation app from Excel

Build easy-to-use apps by drag & drop including Excel logic and great user interfaces. Ready to share.

Learn how to do it or run a template.
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Connect your app to  backend systems or workflows

Working with Excel as a team

With Airrange, anyone can work on the main document - guided by detailed explanations and only with access to the data areas that are relevant to get the job done. And on top you’ll get full accountability and a memory layer for tracked changes and versions.

co-authoring excel sheets with Airrange

Design your app by adding elements from the toolbox

Think about the design of your app and the features it should have. Then add all the blocks you need by drag & drop.
  • Add input fields with parameters for your calculation
  • Add result fields based on your formulas
  • Select among common editor formats, like sliders, number, text, checkboxes, toggle and more
co-author Excel on mobile
Manage data entry requests
Now, add the Excel logic to your app. Open the app element and connect the required cell from your workbook and done. This works for all variables and result values. Result elements will automatically use the format of the linked cell.

Add your charts

You can add any chart from your Excel workbook. If the values for these charts are part of your app, it will change interactively with your calculation.
co-author Excel on mobile
Manage data entry requests

Connect backend systems and workflows

With a button, you can link the API or Webservice of a backend system or workflow and integrate results from your app directly into business processes or databases.

Spice up your app and save it

Add images, description texts or collaboration features to finish your app. Once saved, your app is ready for sharing by link, email, in MS Teams or embedded in the Web.
Run this example app
co-author Excel on mobile

Get inspiration for calculation apps Try these Excel app templates

Open one of these spreadsheet templates in Airrange and try all apps based on these Excel calculations. You'll find them in the template catalog on your Airrange dashboard.

Airrange solves your critical Excel problems and helps you collaborate faster and more productively. It saves time, boosts productivity and helps to keep data accurate.

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