Full-Scale Excel Change Tracking

With Airrange, you'll know all Excel changes instantly. No need to dive into each individual cell or archive different versions. Simply filter by user, date or worksheet.
Change tracking: who, when, what
Excel change history on cell-level
Full control of Excel changes 
Restore or stage values for approval
Layer on top of excel
View of Excel change history in Airrange

User-friendly change tracking

Airrange logs all changes made in your Excel workbooks on cell- or element level. You can filter and drill-down changes made by user, by worksheet, by element, or by date. This adds transparency and productivity to the existing Microsoft change tracking.

Know the trend, instantly

Build up trends based on changes like in a value database. Get individual values, monitor on your central dashboard and see a trend build up. Drill-down whenever needed. No need to compare archived versions to find out, how a value has developped over time.
Track changes in Excel
Revert changes made in Excel

Reverse changes on cell-level

Don't save or scan outdated copies. With Airrange, you can track changes easily, restore any version of a cell and reverse changes you don't need. When collecting input you can stage changes and only accept them by approval.

Build up on the past

See how powerful change tracking with Airrange can be in your business processes.

Create new versions based on different historic data

Stage and reverse changes on cell-level

Collect data for cohort analysis

Microsoft 365 apps with airrange

Experience Excel without problems

Full version control
Full accountability
Trend evaluation
Protect the original Excel file
Updates without loss of data
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