Use cases from our customers

Discover what you can create. Build custom, interactive content for your website using your spreadsheets - no coding needed! Check out these examples from our customers.
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VC Valuation Model

Backsolving valuation model for SaaS companies at Series A and beyond.

Features: Responsive layout, rich-text content, conditional formatting in cell areas.

Insurance Apps 
Tariff comparison

Compare company health insurance tariffs, used by sales teams of major insurers.

Features: Learning video included, nearly 1,000 app elements, expandable feature groups for detailed data, printing capability.
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel

Pricing Calculators

Easily calculate health insurance prices for the whole family.

Features: Displays only necessary rows, adds new lines for additional people. Responsive layout. Embedded on website.

SaaS Quotation
& ROI Calculators

Configure licenses with various options and included ROI calculation.

Features: Responsive layout, collapsible groups for advanced settings.
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Build Interfaces and Protect Your IP

play icon blueExcel collaboration with Airrange

Multi-Page Apps
with Intelligent Navigation

Organize your apps into multiple pages with free navigation.

Features: Show or hide pages and elements based on entered data.
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Track changes in Excel

The 1-Minute App
Publish Excel Sections

Create the simplest app by selecting an area from your workbook with editable variables and results. It’s done in just one minute, and your full workbook remains secure.

Seamlessly Embed
on Your Website

Easily embed any app into your website. The embed code is provided when you generate a sharing link.
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