Storytelling in Excel for striking reports

Mix Excel workbooks
Arrange the way you want to
Add charts, tables, views
Share with all who should know
Add descriptions and get comments
On desktop, tablet, mobile
Layer on top of excel
Airrange data security

Now, your data makes sense to everyone

Here's what makes people listen. Dress up a bulky spreadsheet and wrap up all your arguments and facts in an easy to understand way. Arrange, comment, and align all Excel data as needed for your audience.
Track changes in Excel
mix workbooks for Excel report

Mix Excel workbooks

Perfect for presenting a project update, a company report or research findings. Combine charts, pivots or tables from different workbooks.

Keep it interactive

And here's the best. You can keep interactive functionality without disturbing your original data. All calculations or pivot views will work in the same way as in your spreadsheet.
Track changes in Excel
Easily share Excel elements

Share easily

Ready to go? Share your reports with all who should know always up-to-date on any device or integrated into Microsoft Teams.
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