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Excel Sharing made easy

Supercharge your
Excel Workflows

Airrange makes your Excel data easy to use and easy to share. Boost teamwork, create apps with great usability and bring your Excel data into every channel. No code, just Excel.

Use Airrange for the better.

Layer on top of excel
Track changes in Excel
Kanban Boards
Track changes in Excel
Pivot Views
Track changes in Excel
Grid Views
Track changes in Excel
Check Lists
Track changes in Excel
Calendar Views
Track changes in Excel
Map Views
Excel database apps

Turn Excel into database

Where database meets Excel. Switch easily to powerful app views - from grid to Kanban, pivot, or calendar. Reinvent your Excel sheets and help your team work smarter and faster.
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Track changes in Excel
Excel Change tracking

Know what's happening

Never miss a thing. With Airrange, all changes and activities in your Excel workbooks are clearly mapped out. You can even jump back in spreadsheet-time and retrieve any version you need.
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What Airrange offers you.

If you have any concerns about Excel, we are pretty sure Airrange gets you covered. Have a look at the benefits Airrange provides.
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Based on your spreadsheets

Keep working with Excel as a standard platform and add the flexibility you need.

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Save time and integrate Excel data

No more manual copy-paste or duplicating your data.

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Co-authoring is rock-solid

No risk of broken files, formulas or references - no matter how many people are editing.

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It's great on mobile

Collaborate with everyone everywhere - even without an Excel account.

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No more Excel silos

No more redundant work or important files in the bottom drawer.

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Change to different views

Share interactive grids, pivots, kanban, calendar, or map - whatever fits your data.

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Next-gen change tracking

Select and filter changes and activities by user, date, or workbook.

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Everything is self-explaining

Every workbook you share or receive is easy-to-digest.

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Sticks to your IT security concept

Everything you do, remains in your Microsoft 365 tenant and works within its settings.

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