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What do I need to work with Airrange?

Airrange is Microsoft 365 only. To work with Airrange, admins and users need a Microsoft 365 account and an internet connection. To create elements or assign tasks, Excel files need to be stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. To complete assigned tasks you don't require an Excel account. Depending on the user rights settings of your Microsoft 365 account, external users might be blocked and need to be added to your Microsoft 365 account before tasks can be assigned.

How can I use Airrange for free?

The Basic Airrange plan is free to use. Functionality and the content volume is limited and defined for personal or use in smaller teams. Tasks can be assigned by e-mail. For more intensive use or corporate integration view our Pro and Enterprise plans.

What happens if I exceed the limits of my current plan?

Airrange will always work for you within the limits of your plan. Exceeding content or extra functionality will be shown in grey mode. You can view but not select these extra elements or features.

How does the Airrange Enterprise plan work?

The Enterprise plan adds integration and automation features as well as unlimited data records. For strategic Excel solutions it adds the staging mode - allowing a review before changes are added to the Excel file. Tasks can be assigned by e-mail and also directly in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner It is also possible to automatically sync Excel data from different files to a specific Excel solution automatically.

Where is my Excel data stored?

All data you work with on is stored in your Microsoft 365 account and in Excel online. This includes authentication, e-mail addresses, account information, and Excel data. The changes history is saved in a log worksheet added to your Excel file. This is visible to admins only. When you return to Airrange, the information is retrieved from your Microsoft 365 account and your Excel file.

Where do I get support?

Airrange provides a knowledge center with tutorials and help articles. Please contact us by chat if you have questions don't cover there.