We never upload
your workbooks
to our servers

The airrange builder runs inside your browsers memory and works with your local Excel files. Everything happens locally and your workbooks will never be copied to the cloud.

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Airrange runs locally and supports on-premise files
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Your workbooks never leave your organization
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Your IP is hidden to the end users - no one gets full access to your formulas and data
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Airrange does not store any credentials
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Your Excel files remain inaccessible to your users

When you share an app, the system creates an encrypted runtime package containing only the necessary functionality. These packages can also be stored on your end. Even Airrange does not have any access rights to your files.
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Access settings for apps

Apps can be locked to specific email addresses and tenants

Lock the app access to specific domains or email addresses. You can also define the duration of the invitations and set additional passwords. Inside the apps you can even define specific functionality for different users.

The app building process

co-authoring excel sheets with Airrange
Hosted inside the EU

Airrange's data is hosted
at AWS in Frankfurt (EU)

We are storing our definitions and logs inside your Excel files. No external databases or links are needed. Nothing is getting out-of-sync. This means complete control over all your data and no compliance stress.

100% Excel compatibility

Airrange supports two Excel engines. One of them is the Microsoft Graph API or your M365 tenant. If you use this option the calculations will be processed by your own M365 backend. The apps will then support 100% of the Excel functions that are supported by Excel Online (but no VBA).

The other Excel engine runs inside the memory of your users browser. This engine is very fast and very scalable but has limitations in compatibility and file sizes - but most of the new Excel functionality (like array formulas) still works.
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