Airrange is
a layer on top of Excel

The Airrange platform splits Excel workbooks into easy-to-understand elements. Ready to be used, enhanced and shared. See the difference.

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Excel elements can be used outside Excel with full functionality
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Still connected to the original workbook
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Elements can be enhanced, tracked and used interactively
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Integrate with Teams, Outlook, workflows
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Original Excel and M365 settings remain
Layer on top of excel
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Focus makes the difference

Navigating through unknown spreadsheets causes many Excel problems. With Airrange's granular sharing, you only need to share what's required and not an entire forest of workbooks. Easier for you and much easier for anyone else.
Track changes in Excel
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Excel with memory layer

Add a history dimension to your Excel elements

Once a cell value has been changed, it's gone. Airrange adds a memory layer to your spreadsheets. So you can collect and access the full history of each element automatically without manually comparing backup versions.

Everyone gets the best perspective
of your data

With Airrange, anyone can work on the main document - guided by detailed explanations and only with access to the data areas that are relevant to get the job done. And on top you’ll get full accountability and a memory layer for tracked changes and versions.

Adding Airrange to your Excel workbooks offers an array of new options for productivity and collaboration, like data entry workflows or app interfaces with pivot or kanban view, or stunning reports from mixed workbooks. All easily shared and consumed anywhere.

co-authoring excel sheets with Airrange

Get the technical details that make Airrange so great to work with.

Airrange data security

100% Excel compatibility

Other solutions are using 3rd party libraries or external storages to store and recalculate changes. Normally these services only have around 30% of the Excel functionality. Using something of the not supported 70% usually will affect your data.
Track changes in Excel
Worksheet with airrange memory store

Everything is stored inside your Excel files

We are storing our definitions and logs inside your Excel files. No external databases or links are needed. Nothing is getting out-of-sync. This means complete control over all your data and no compliance stress.

Graph API and Microsoft 365 integration

Airrange is based on the Microsoft Graph API and is fully integrated into the Microsoft technology world. We therefore respect the security and compliance profile of Microsoft 365. Every call to your data is based on your own Microsoft authentication and security settings.
Read more about Microsoft Graph...
Track changes in Excel
Host data in Microsoft

Ready to go instantly

Airrange is instantly available after login with your Microsoft account and its approved IT settings. It doesn't require installations and saves all data in your Microsoft 365 environment, respecting all security settings and providing full access to all data without external uploads.

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