Airrange database apps

Turn Excel Tables into Apps.

Access, organize and collaborate on your business data with ease - without leaving Excel. Simply add Airrange, and build full-featured Excel database apps that help you get more done.
Create Apps from Excel

Build database apps from Excel spreadsheets

Airrange has an app for every spreadsheet. Building apps is easy: Simply select your Excel table in Airrange, choose your app template, customize and share with one click.
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Grid - record based apps
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Pivot - data analysis apps
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Kanban - workflows as apps
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Check list apps
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Calendar views
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Layer on top of excel

Excel database meets business app.

We're reinventing your spreadsheets and helping you and your team to work smarter and faster.
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Share sensitive data easily

Your data remain in your secure Microsoft environment and can be shared with full compliance.

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Gain speed & focus in your projects

Avoid redundancies and provide the best tools for every step in your workflow.

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Perfect fit for teams working in Excel

Keep working with Excel but without the usual hassle and secure data protection.

Track changes in Excel

Pivot - evaluation by app

Allow others to evaluate data lists from Excel tables with recurring categories in seconds as pivot apps. Saving and sharing individual queries as an option.

Grid - Excel database app

Open your Excel table in database app mode with detail dialog and fields to scan, view or add data easily and an array of database features added.
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel

A check list - in Excel

Add an easy-to-use checklist app to your Excel features. Quickly done on mobile and added automatically to your original Excel table.

Kanban in Excel - follow and monitor processes

Manage and monitor your progress in projects comfortably in Excel. Move todos and projects along until you reach your target with powerful Kanban app linked to your Excel table.
Track changes in Excel

Calendar - dates or times in Excel. Here is the view

Still your Excel table in a different view. Get a better view of time planning and schedules in Excel. Use the app to filter by categories or drill up or down to hours, days, weeks or months.
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel

A map - from your Excel workbook

Country, city or even long/lat values? Let Excel show you where the locations, clients or partners of your Excel table are located.
Target Groups

Airrange is for all teams who work in Excel.

You appreciate the flexibility of Excel. Charge it up with Airrange and make it a powerful database tool for your projects.
Create apps from Excel with Airrange

Sales managers

Working with a client database in Excel? Share it with access drilled down to regions, industries or sales people. With updates on deals or forecasts centrally available for evaluation.

Improve projects with Airrange

Project teams

Work along your projects with the best app for each step and still add or update all data into one Excel workbook. Provide secure access to external resources and internal team members.

Use Airrange apps for HR

HR & Backoffice

Share sensitive data in an easy-to-manage way. Employee databases for example can be shared on record level. So personal data like home address, can be edited as a self-service.