One Excel table, many views

Go from Kanban to Pivot instantly and share Excel elements as easy to use app interfaces.
Grid - database view
Pivot - data analysis
Kanban - Excel workflows
Check lists
Excel calendar view
On desktop, tablet, mobile
Layer on top of excel
Track changes in Excel

Pivot - express evaluation

Evaluate data list with recurring categories in seconds. Save views and share them for others to interact with.

Grid - Excel in database view

Open your Excel table in database mode with detail dialog and fields to scan, view or add data easily.
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel

A check list - in Excel

Add an easy-to-use checklist to your Excel features. Quickly done on mobile and added automatically to your Excel original.

Kanban - follow a process in Excel

Manage and monitor your progress comfortably in Excel. Move todos and projects along until you reach your target.
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel

Spreadsheet with calculations

A classic editable spreadsheet grid. When changing cell values the grid instantly re-calculates the results based on the whole workbook logic - even if you only shared a few cells with your users.

Calendar - dates or times in Excel. Here is the view

Get a better view of time planning in Excel with filters by categories or drill up or down to hours, days, weeks or months.
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel

A map - from your Excel workbook

Country, city or even long/lat values? Let Excel show you where your locations, clients or partners are located.

Share the perfect view
with everyone

Stop Excel silos. With all Excel workbooks, charts, tables at a glance you'll never miss an update or a trend and truly start benefiting from each others work.

Airrange makes Excel easy for you and everyone you work with

Get data requests done faster
Monitor elements across Excel workbook silos
Stop explaining complicated Excel files
Add a memory layer to all spreadsheets
Collaborate with all in one file - no more copies
Excel reports ipad

Ready to go
in a snap

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