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Excel Collaboration

With Airrange, Excel turns team player. Start data entry requests on any device - with feedback, tracking and a full task management.
Excel collaboration with Airrange
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Collaborate in Excel

Ease editing in a team with full accountability like in a database

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Data Entry on mobile

Request input or reviews with full data accuracy on any device

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Task Management

Track and monitor input tasks by user, time or worksheet

Working with Excel as a team

With Airrange, anyone can work on the main document - guided by detailed explanations and only with access to the data areas that are relevant to get the job done. And on top you’ll get full accountability and a memory layer for tracked changes and versions.

co-authoring excel sheets with Airrange

Help others
to contribute and
get the job done fast

Here's how Excel collaboration and co-authoring works out. With a full task workflow in place, you can preset everything for your team and invite them to submit updates or changes. Your team can easily contribute and changes can be reversed on cell-level.

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Select Excel data as needed
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Add descriptions and deadlines
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Invite team members for input request
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Team members submit from any device
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Track and approve: who, when, what
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel
Track changes in Excel
Manage data entry requests

Keep track of everything your team does

Manage all Excel collaboration tasks easily including status updates or enquiries by users. With a clear focus and full accountability who changed what and when.

Collect data safely
on any device

Ease the way, people add data to your Excel workbook. With data entry requests based on ranges or cells you can be sure of data accuracy with all formulas and data formats in place.
co-author Excel on mobile

Solve these Excel collaboration problems in a snap

85 % of businesses plan with Excel. An average Excel solution requires regular input from several stakeholders. And once updated, old data is lost. With Airrange you will no longer hear this.

"Data entry requests and the follow-ups are hard to manage"
"Co-authors cause errors by accident"
"Excel is complex and hard to navigate for non-creators"
"Who made this change when? It's hard to find out"
"I wish I knew, how this value has changed in the last months"
"Explaining what do to takes a 30 minute team call and a powerpoint"
"I worked with an old version and now I have to redo everything"
"Finding a chart or a special value in a meeting is almost impossible"