Create apps from your Excel spreadsheets

Keep Excel and add a lot of productivity. Create web apps from your Excel spreadsheets and convert them into database apps or calculator apps. Share with your team or with all. Excel based apps add great usability, are 100 % Excel compatible, and fully responsive on all devices.
Track changes in Excel
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Build apps without coding

Design your app with drag & drop modules and simply connect your Excel cells, ranges, tables, formulas, or charts.

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Share or embed your apps

Share your data safely using your Microsoft 365 settings. Keep the link to the original file, protect it, and update in real-time.

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Integrate and automate in business processes

Use Airrange in Microsoft Teams or easily connect your apps to backend systems and workflows with endpoint links.

Build calculator apps from Excel

Easily turn calculator spreadsheets into apps based on the logic of your Excel workbooks. Share by link or embed. No coding required.
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Preset modules like buttons, sliders, charts or drop downs
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Easily link to Excel cells
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Customize with images and rich text
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Share in Microsoft tenant, publicly or embed in websites
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100 % Excel compatible
Convert spreadsheet into application
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Build database apps from Excel

One table - many views. Turn your Excel table into a Kanban app, Pivot app, and more. Share Excel elements as easy to use app interfaces.
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Grid - record based apps with rich functionality (filter, group, dialogs)
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Pivot - data analysis apps
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Kanban - manage progress with apps
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Check lists apps
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Calendar apps
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Map views
Layer on top of excel