No-Code-Insurance App for Private Health Insurance Sales by SDK

May 26, 2023
No-Code-Insurance App for Private Health Insurance Sales by SDK

In the insurance industry, digitalization is a central competitive factor. Fast and agile action is crucial, especially in insurance sales. Mobile apps and up-to-date data are essential for success. That's why SDK and Consultant KV Coach Airrange are working with Airrange.

Expertise in App Development and Distribution

With KV Coach, SDK has a partner who knows insuranceand sales processes inside out. Airrange allows them to tailor apps specifically to the needs of SDK. The basis of the apps are existing Excel solutions. All apps are immediately ready for use, have the comprehensive logic of theExcel source, and can be easily used on all devices.

"The development speed for such a complex app isimpressive. Our Airrange app runs in any browser, is ready for use immediately,and provides changes directly. Perfect for sales." Lutz Deske, SalesDirector, SDK.

Example: App for Customer Consultation with Explainer Videos

Together with KV Coach, SDK is addressing a crucial issue in sales: the qualified consultation of prospects for private health insurance. The app should make the existing offer and expert knowledge of SDK productive in the sales conversation.

Until now, brokers and internal sales used a questionnaire to determine the customers' needs. However, the brokers had to filter out the appropriate tariffs for the determined needs in the offer and comparison software. This was tedious, prone to errors, and difficult to implement during a conversation.

Qualified Consultation with Direct Tariff Selection

By digitizing the questionnaire as an Airrange app, the user experience is significantly improved. Advisors and customers can now go through all questions relaxed via the app. They are supported in theirvdecision-making process by selectable explainer videos.

In the background, the app automatically filters all SDK tariffs that match the performance profile and suggests the most affordable offer that meets all customer needs first. Advisors and customerscan expand the tariff selection further in the conversation. However, only tariffs that also meet all customer needs are selectable. If necessary, the customer can adjust the performance profile and expand the selection.

Popular with Brokers and Internal Sales

The SDK sales app was presented by Sales Director Lutz Deske during a nationwide broker roadshow and immediately found many fans.

"The easy distribution of Airrange apps via a link is unbeatable. This allows me to distribute them spontaneously during an event, and everyone can start right away." Lutz Deske, Sales Director,SDK.

The positive feedback has encouraged SDK to continue focusing on apps in sales. The first sales generated by using the app show SDK's Sales Director Lutz Deske that his strategy is paying off. The app also supports brokers and their own sales. They can now concentrate entirely on the customer conversation, better advise with knowledge of tariffs via the app, and create an offer directly in the appointment.