No-Code Apps for a Green Start-up

May 26, 2023
No-Code Apps for a Green Start-up

EZSolutions (pronounced "easy solutions") is a Hungarian startup that offers a variety of products and services for green energy and electric efficiency, including heat pumps, solar panels, electric car chargers, and water heating.

What makes EZS special is its customer focus. White label technology is turned into solutions with a perfect individual fit. The team at EZS has a wealth of market, legal, and technical knowledge which they put to use for their customers – with apps. One of these apps attracted 10,000 users in just a couple of days.

The founders, Judit Perenyi and Dr. Tamás Jakab, and their team have been selected for a Central European University Innovation slot, which is the leading university accelerator in Eastern Europe.

"As a startup, we need to seize our chances and respond to new opportunities. Airrange helps us to move fast and build apps at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development." Jakab and Judit, founders of EZ Solutions.

Helping customers find their best energy option

If you're not an energy expert, making decisions about energy technology can be tough. EZS Solutions recognizes this and involves consumers or corporate representatives in the decision-making process in a new way. With apps, the team makes the process easy and straight forward, and ensures that anyone can choose the best possible solution for their needs.

With the Airrange platform, the team creates apps for different product areas. Customerscan use them to easily create complex evaluations and calculations. All the EZS users need to do is answer a few questions. The apps do the rest. For example,the heat pump app only requires home owners to enter information like thecorrect measures of their real estate and the current heating type. The app then recommends a solution and shows which investments are necessary. It calculates energy savings and after further development it will calculate how high the impact on CO2 reduction will be.

No-Code apps are part of the EZS business model

Tomas and Judit knew they wanted to make a big impact when they entered the market. Theyfound the technology to implement their plans with Airrange. The advantage: Theteam can create all apps themselves. This means that their knowledge and theideas translate directly into functionality and usability. The alternativewould be to have each app programmed. That costs time and money. Completelyunnecessary, especially if an Excel prototype already exists or can be easily created.

"With Airrange we were able to quickly and easily develop the apps we needed to bring our vision to life. Notonly did this save us time and money, but it also allowed us to directly translate our ideas into functional, usable apps." Judit Perenyi and Dr. Tamás Jakab, founders of EZ Solutions

Responding quickly to opportunities in the market

The startup is quick to take advantage of Airrange. When the Hungarian government announced that they were restricting the feed-in of solar power with only a few days' notice, the EZ Solution team responded immediately by creating an app that simplifies the complex application process. The app only requires a minimum of data entry, like information on the building. The applicants don't need to know complex details like which inverter is best for their building. EZS provides technical data like these via the app. Everyone planning a solar energy installation can complete the application in a short time, download it as a PDF and then submit it within the deadline.

The solar application app is based on a complex Excel form with various dependencies and branches. The Airrange App Builder implements the Excel logic 1:1, allowing EZS to deliver the app to a wide audience within a week. The Hungarian press picks up the topic and the app, and its popularity proves them right. Within a day and a half, over 10,000 Hungarians make use of the app.

Grow & scale fast - market fit & international expansion

EZS wants to keep growing, capitalize on new opportunities, and branch out to other countries like Slovakia and Austria. For this, the Hungarian apps are being translated into English and German. As a startup, the team has to keep moving swiftly and precisely, testing out different market segments and finding the one that fits best. And luckily, Airrange makes that easy to do.

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