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Create quotation calculators for your sales team or calculate order discounts effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex Excel workbooks in your processes and welcome user-friendly apps. Build them quickly with Airrange, all done in minutes.

Build business software. Incredibly fast

With Airrange, you can build calculator apps from your Excel spreadsheet simply by drag & drop. Select app controls and link them to your cells, charts, or formulas, for powerful features.
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"If you know Excel, you can quickly create apps for your customers with Airrange. Without IT resources or extensive training." Christoph Lampe, Owner, KV Coach

"As a startup, we need to seize our chances and respond to new opportunities. Airrange helps us to move fast and build apps at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development." Jakab and Judit, founders of EZ Solutions.

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“The development speed for such a complex app is impressive. Our Airrange app runs in any browser, is immediately ready for use and provides changes directly. Perfect in sales.” Lutz Deske, Sales Director, SDK.

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We can’t wait to create more calculation apps with Airrange! The sharing of information was secure, easy, affordable, and the level of customer service off the charts!

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Simply select the
elements from your spreadsheet

Simply select the cells, charts, ranges, and print areas you wish to incorporate into your app, and let our app wizard take care of the rest. You can trust that all your formulas will continue to function seamlessly. It's that easy!
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Don't just share data.
Create Excel tools.

Rows and columns are not always the best user interface. Create tools in Excel that include the magic of your Excel workbooks but can be easily shared and used by everyone.

Save and manage
scenarios in your app

Users of your calculator app can save different calculation scenarios for proposals, bids, or forecasts. In meetings, these scenarios are readily available or they can be shared with a client or with your team.
co-author Excel on mobile
Manage data entry requests

Link and automate apps in business processes

Your calculator apps can automatically connect to back-end systems and workflows. Using endpoint links from tools like Zapier or Power Automate you can add calculator results or scenarios like proposals to your CRM or ERP systems.
How it Works

Turn your Excel models into web apps

Simply choose the sections of your existing spreadsheet you wish to use within the app. It's as straightforward as that.
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We are happy to answer your questions. We also offer an app creation service if you have no time to create apps on your own.
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For whom is Airrange?

You are a spreadsheet guru or simply love Excel? Enable others to use your data and perk up their daily business processes with Airrange.
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Finance teams

Enable everyone to analyze financial models and evaluate their own business scenarios.

Airrange Excel calculator apps for sales

Sales units

Empower your field sales. Support fast decision making and deal closure - based on numbers.

Airrange calculator apps

Business managers

Speed up processes and support your team with fast and easy access to Excel data.

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spreadsheet apps

With Airrange, anyone can work on the main document - guided by detailed explanations and only with access to the data areas that are relevant to get the job done. And on top you’ll get full accountability and a memory layer for tracked changes and versions.

Which Excel spreadsheets can I use for a calculator app?

Airrange supports Excel sheets of any size or with any formulas. Airrange uses the Microsoft Graph API to access your Excel data. The Graph API supports 100% of your Excel calculations.

How to build an online calculator?

Building an online calculator with Airrange is easy. Simply open your Excel workbook in Airrange and go the app builder. Select the modules for your app. Link the required Excel cells and customize the design. Your Excel calculator app is now ready for sharing or embedding in any website.

How do I update my calculator app?

Your Excel sheet and the app remain linked. Updates to the app design or to the Excel data are instantly displayed.

How can I share my calculator apps?

Sharing calculator apps is easy. Open your app and select the share button. Select a person, a group of person or public share (if authorized by your organization). You can share by link, by eMail, in Microsoft Teams or embed your calculator app to a website or a webtool.

How can I embed an Excel calculator on my website?

In the Airrange app builder you'll find an embed code. Copy this code, to the website or webtool where you want to display your Excel calculator.

Do I need to upload my Excel spreadsheets?

No, Airrange is built for Microsoft tenants. Your files remain safely in your OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online. This way, you can keep working with your Excel files and use up-to-date apps at the same time.

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