Excel Model to App. Check this out and build your own.

When building an Excel model, you get great data but have a tough time sharing it with others. Turning it into an app helps. Explore how to do it.
Create Apps from Excel
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Explore usability & features

This example app is based on an SaaS valuation model by Martin Janicki, Cavalry Ventures. The Excel file holds input cells, output cells that trigger conditional formatting, a bunch of financial formulas, and charts that change with results. All these features are added with a few clicks to an Airrange web app. Scan the QR Code and check out the app and its features.
venture capital app from Excel

Get a walkthrough. See how it's done (3 min).

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Excel to app. Build by drag & drop

Start building your app using our drag & drop based app builder. Then link the app elements to your Excel data.
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"If you know Excel, you can quickly create apps for your customers with Airrange. Without IT resources or extensive training." Christoph Lampe, Owner, KV Coach

"As a startup, we need to seize our chances and respond to new opportunities. Airrange helps us to move fast and build apps at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development." Jakab and Judit, founders of EZ Solutions.

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“The development speed for such a complex app is impressive. Our Airrange app runs in any browser, is immediately ready for use and provides changes directly. Perfect in sales.” Lutz Deske, Sales Director, SDK.

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We can’t wait to create more calculation apps with Airrange! The sharing of information was secure, easy, affordable, and the level of customer service off the charts!

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